Orchidkarma is evolving… expanding… going beyond the greenhouse and out into the world! Beside a minor facelift you will also find the addition of a whole new chapter on the site. The travel blog. But since I don’t want to spend too much time with my head stuck in a screen while out in on fabulous adventures I will blog about the trip and post my travel journal with lots of photos and video when I come home instead. For a few snapshots of live coverage you are welcome to follow me on Instagram. I will also stream photos from Instagram here for your convenience. Enjoy!

Live streaming from Instagram right now: Rainforest expedition to Costa Rica

It has been an amazing adventure, far far away from any wifi or mobile connections… kind of cool with a vacation from social media as well… but a lot of photos and a report from trip is coming very soon!


Orchid blog
I have been dishing out the goods on my rather eclectic orchid
collection since 2008. Don’t worry, this is not going to change!
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Masdevallia (Buccella ) nidifica

Masdevallia nidifica is a small species that is fairly common in Central- to South America where it grows from about 600 meters all the way up to 2 000 meters. This wide altitude range makes for a fairly temperature tolerant Masdevallia and perhaps this is also why there is such a color variance within the species? Mine is fairly dark and nicely saturated compared to some more pale specimens I have seen. This plant comes from Ecuagenera in Ecuador and I think it […]

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Travel blog
I am no longer willing to wait for adventure to find me. I am going to seek it out!
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